Tax Preparation

We provide tax preparation services for individuals, trusts, non-profit organizations, S corporations, Partnerships, and C corporations. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Compiled and Reviewed Financial Statements

We provide compilation and review attest services. The types of services these are prepared for include financial statements needed for loan applications, state and federal requirements, and the Contractor’s Board.

Business Valuations

We prepare business valuations for many different purposes, including marital dissolution, buy-sell agreements, gifting and estate purposes, and business planning.

Litigation Support

We provide expert witness services for a range of needs including divorces and forensic accounting. Some of the analysis we prepare for marital dissolutions (divorces) are:

Preparation of the marital balance sheet,

-Calculating income available for child support and alimony,

-Preparation of a lifestyle analysis,

-Preparing a tracing analysis for separate versus community property,

-Identifying assets.

The forensic accounting services provided outside of those listed in marital dissolutions above include preparing an analysis of potential embezzlement.

Collaborative Divorce Support

Collaborative divorce is one of the methods available for a divorcing couple. This method allows the divorcing couple to be in charge of the process and have the support of a team of experts including attorneys, mental health coaches, and a financial expert. There is also a focus on what you want your life to look like after divorce. When there are kids involved, we encourage letting their voice(s) be heard.


We provide bookkeeping services based on your needs, whether you need us to provide full-charge bookkeeping or need us to look over your books on a monthly/quarterly basis.