Tax & Advisory Services


Tax & Advisory Services provides bookkeeping services based on the needs of the client. Services can be as small as reconciling the bank statements monthly to full-charge bookkeeping. Tax & Advisory Services does not offer any payroll tax services but can provide you referrals if you need them.

It is important for business owners to have their books completed on an on-going basis so that they can determine where they are financially and what their cash flow looks like when they need it rather than waiting until it is tax-time to enter all transactions. Even though we can help you with entering all the transactions for the year at year-end, we can also assist you in getting your financial data entered on a timely basis throughout the year. This proves to be a more cost-effective approach and allows you to see your financial status on a monthly basis.

Tax Deductible - Bookkeeping services

Full-charge Bookkeeping

Full-charge bookkeeping includes bill pay, accounts receivable entry, entering collections of revenues, entering checks paid, entering payroll as processed by a payroll processor or in-house by the clients, reconciling the monthly bank and credit card statements, preparing sales and use tax returns as well as providing monthly, quarterly, and/or year-end financial reports.

If you don’t require full-charge bookkeeping because either you have an in-house bookkeeper or do the data entry yourself, we can assist you with looking over your bookkeeping entry on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will provide guidance on how to record transactions in a more efficient manner and help to make sure the data is entered correctly for year-end tax preparation as well as any financial statement needs.

Tax & Advisory Services can also provide assistance with any QuickBooks questions or support that you need. We can help teach you how to enter the transactions and also help you set up your file for use and fix issues with your books.