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Business Valuations

Tax & Advisory Services prepares business valuations for many different purposes, including marital dissolution, buy-sell agreements, gifting and estate purposes, and business planning.

Business valuation - Tax & Advisory Services

Business Planning

Before you are ready to sell your business, you should have a business valuation analyst look through your company operations for ways you can improve the way your run your business so that you can get the best price when the time comes to sell. Tax & Advisory Services can assist you with looking over your historical financial results and point out areas that can be improved.

Marital Dissolution (Divorce)

If you are going through a divorce and need to value the business to divide the asset as part of the marital estate, Tax & Advisory Services can assist you. Tax & Advisory Services can also assist you with valuing the business you owned prior to marriage to compare to the value as of the date of divorce to assist you in determining any separate property interest in your business.

Estate Services

When a loved one passes away and they owned a company, you will need assistance with valuing the company for the estate tax return or to sell the business to potential buyers. Tax & Advisory Services has the experience necessary to provide these services and help you to close this chapter.

Buy-Sell Agreements

When you prepare your buy-sell agreement for your company, Tax & Advisory Services can assist you with preparing the valuation for the agreement as well as any updated values needed in the future. When you prepare your buy-sell agreement, you want to make sure that the value that is determined in the agreement is clear and any formula presented in the agreement will provide the value you are intending should the need arise in the future to implement the buy-sell agreement.