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Collaborative Divorce Support

The collaborative divorce process is one of the methods available to Nevadans for their divorce. This method allows the divorcing couple to be in charge of the process and have the support of a team of professionals, including attorneys, mental health coaches, financial experts, and child therapists. One of the major benefits to this process if you have children, is that their voice is heard and the entire process can be based on what is best for the needs of the children, which is difficult to attain in a litigation setting in court.

Tax and Advisory Services - Tax Preparation

Tax & Advisory Services President, Lisa Bagley is a member of Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals. This is a non-profit business organization dedicated to the education of the public and professionals about the collaborative divorce process. Lisa is currently serving as the Treasurer and a Board Member and has been a member of the organization since 2016.

Tax & Advisory Services provides financial assistance in this process by gathering all the financial related documents, preparing schedules of the assets and liabilities as well as income and expenses. Tax & Advisory Services can also assist the divorcing couple with their budgets through the process as well as assist with creating a budget for after the divorce is finalized. Tax & Advisory Services helps determine the cash flow that is available for alimony and child support. We are able to assist the divorcing couple with the tax consequences associated with the many choices and options available when dividing assets, liabilities, and the income of the couple.